"I truly enjoyed the wonderful, delicate taste of Kasperskian caviar. I buy Kasperskian caviar regularly myself and warmly recommend it to friends."

Mikhail Fridman
Co-founder L1

"As a huge caviar fan I have tried lots of caviar.
No other caviar tastes like Kasperskian. It is absolutely unique - fresh, gently salted, without any preservatives. No fishy aftertaste so typical for many other brands.
It simply pops in your mouth!
Try it - and you will be instantly converted!"

Konstantin Sidorov
Chairman of RRC group. Member of the Boards of ITG and Channel Mechanics

"To all caviar lovers out there, I can highly recommend sturgeon Caviar with Life from the Swiss producer Kasperskian.
A natural product, with no artificial additives, every pearl melts in your mouth and is a feast for the eyes!
The taste is divine - gentle, lightly salted - pure indulgence! A wonderful present for friends and loved ones, and an elegant addition to your festive meal."

Vyacheslav Bykov
Former Head Coach of the Russian National Ice Hockey Team

"Enjoy the taste of sturgeon caviar but concerned about sustainability? Try Kasperskian Caviar with Life! Produced in the cleanest waters of the Swiss alps, the caviar is extracted without harming the fish. The result is pure, delicious caviar, without any preservatives - just a little salt to tease your taste buds. Pure, guilt-free indulgence in what is probably the best tasting caviar ever."

Thomas Siegenthaler
Head of Business Operations, UBS Monaco

"As a caviar lover I have tried many caviar brands. Kasperskian Caviar with Life is by far the best I came across. Perfectly balanced, gently salted, each pearl just pops in your mouth. And most importantly, it contains zero additives and is produced sustainably, without harming the fish. Try it - and you will love it!"

Peter Brabeck-Letmath
Chairman Emeritus, Nestle S.A.